Periodically I am invited to give talks, speak on panels, and attend conferences. When such invitations occur I will post information about them to this page.

13 April 2019 — Bournemouth, UK | The Good Delusion
I’ll be delivering a brand new talk, entitled The Good Delusion, explaining how I believe traditional conceptions of morality to be delusory, and advancing a theory of ethics that does not require free will to function. This event will be hosted by Dorset Humanists.

27 April 2019 — Dallas, Texas, USA | Faithless Forum
Faithless Forum is the world’s only forum exclusively run by and featuring YouTube atheists. Please note: this event is now sold out, however you can sign up for the ticket cancellation list, and to be informed about next year’s forum.

28 April 2019 — Austin, Texas, USA | The Atheist Experience
I will be co-hosting The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty at the ACA Freethought Library in Austin, Texas. The show is streamed live, but also has a studio audience for those who can make it in-person.

6 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Islam vs Atheism Debate
I will be debating whether Islam or atheism best explains reality, against the Muslim YouTuber Mohammed Hijab. (Further details and speakers and location to be confirmed soon.)

10 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Why I am (/am not) a Christian Debate
This debate will take place between myself and Jonathan McLatchie, on our reasons for either rejecting or accepting Christianity, respectively. (Details and location to be later confirmed.)

26 September 2019 — Winchester, UK | Winchester Skeptics in the Pub
I’ll be delivering a talk at the Winchester Discovery Centre, on an as-of-yet unconfirmed topic. Check back for further info. (Details to be later confirmed.)