To enquire about me giving a talk or taking part in a debate, please email For past and upcoming events, see below:

Upcoming Events

All public events are cancelled or postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

7 February 2020 — Oxford, UK | Debate: Morality Without Religion Is Bankrupt
I am debating Professor Keith Ward on morality and atheism at Wadham College, Oxford, at 4pm. Details here.

25 February 2020 — Cambridge, UK | Why I Became A Vegan
I am speaking about animal rights at an event organised by Cambridge Skeptics. Information available here.

3 March 2020 — London, UK | Is The Vegan Lifestyle More Ethical?
At St. George’s, University of London. Open to the public, and designed to be a debate with questions from audience members. Information here.

6 March 2020 — Oxford, UK | Islam, Atheism, and Human Rights Debate
Following a series of YouTube videos in which we argued about whether an atheist can believe in human rights, and whether Islam offers a better source, I will be debating Saboor Ahmed in person at Wadham College in Oxford to conclude our disagreement. More information coming soon.

17 March 2020 — Bournemouth, UK | Sustainability and Speciesism
I will be speaking in Bournemouth on the ethics of animal consumption and exploitation, in a free event open to the public. Information here.

21-23 August 2020 — Nottinghamshire, UK | Vegan Camp Out
I will be speaking at vegan camp out (the world’s largest vegan camping festival) this year, amongst speakers such as Joey Carbstrong, and Henry and Ian of BOSH. Information and tickets are available here (I am not yet listed on the website).

Past Events

13 April 2019 — Bournemouth, UK | The Good Delusion (WATCH VIDEO)
I’ll be delivering a brand new talk, entitled The Good Delusion, explaining how I believe traditional conceptions of morality to be delusory, and advancing a theory of ethics that does not require free will to function. This event will be hosted by Dorset Humanists.

27 April 2019 — Dallas, Texas, USA | Faithless Forum
Faithless Forum is the world’s only forum exclusively run by and featuring YouTube atheists. Please note: this event is now sold out, however you can sign up for the ticket cancellation list, and to be informed about next year’s forum.

28 April 2019 — Austin, Texas, USA | The Atheist Experience (WATCH VIDEO)
I will be co-hosting The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty at the ACA Freethought Library in Austin, Texas. The show is streamed live, but also has a studio audience for those who can make it in-person.

6 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Islam vs Atheism Debate (WATCH VIDEO)
I will be debating whether Islam or atheism best explains reality, against the Muslim YouTubers Mohammed Hijab and Abdullah al-Andalusi, at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

10 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Why I am (/am not) a Christian Debate (WATCH VIDEO)
This debate will take place between myself and Jonathan McLatchie, on our reasons for either rejecting or accepting Christianity, respectively. T.S. Elliot Theatre, Merton College, Oxford.

27-28 July 2019 — Cambridge, UK | Rationalist International Conference
The Rationalist International Conference is a two-day conference featuring a number of speakers including Dan Barker, Armin Navabi, Maryam Namazie, and myself. Information and registration available here.

16 August 2019 — London, UK | An Evening With Veedu and Mimzy (WATCH VIDEO)
Along with Rationality Rules, Genetically Modified Skeptic, and Armin Navabi, among others, I will be in London with an inspiring lineup of mostly ex-Muslims. Tickets available here.

26 September 2019 — Winchester, UK | ‘The Good Delusion’
I will address Winchester Skeptics in September, delivering my talk, ‘The Good Delusion’. Information available here.

21 November 2019 — Tel Aviv, Israel | Machar Conference (WATCH VIDEO)
Along with Genetically Modified Skeptic, Thomas Westbrooke, and others, I will be speaking at a conference in Israel this November. I will deliver a talk on animal liberation, as well as taking part in a panel with other speakers. Information and tickets available here.

25 January 2020 — Cambridge, UK | A Philosophical Case For Veganism
I am speaking about animal ethics in an event organised by the Cambridge University Vegan Society. The event is open to the public, and taking place in Newnham College. More information is available here.