Periodically I am invited to give talks, speak on panels, and attend conferences. When such invitations occur I will post information about them to this page.

13 April 2019 — Bournemouth, UK | The Good Delusion
I’ll be delivering a brand new talk, entitled The Good Delusion, explaining how I believe traditional conceptions of morality to be delusory, and advancing a theory of ethics that does not require free will to function. This event will be hosted by Dorset Humanists.

27 April 2019 — Dallas, Texas, USA | Faithless Forum
Faithless Forum is the world’s only forum exclusively run by and featuring YouTube atheists. Please note: this event is now sold out, however you can sign up for the ticket cancellation list, and to be informed about next year’s forum.

28 April 2019 — Austin, Texas, USA | The Atheist Experience
I will be co-hosting The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty at the ACA Freethought Library in Austin, Texas. The show is streamed live, but also has a studio audience for those who can make it in-person.

6 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Islam vs Atheism Debate
I will be debating whether Islam or atheism best explains reality, against the Muslim YouTubers Mohammed Hijab and Abdullah al-Andalusi, at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

10 May 2019 — Oxford, UK | Why I am (/am not) a Christian Debate
This debate will take place between myself and Jonathan McLatchie, on our reasons for either rejecting or accepting Christianity, respectively. T.S. Elliot Theatre, Merton College, Oxford.

27-28 July 2019 — Cambridge, UK | Rationalist International Conference
The Rationalist International Conference is a two-day conference featuring a number of speakers including Dan Barker, Armin Navabi, Maryam Namazie, and myself. Information and registration available here.

16 August 2019 — London, UK | An Evening With Veedu and Mimzy
Along with Rationality Rules, Genetically Modified Skeptic, and Armin Navabi, among others, I will be in London with an inspiring lineup of mostly ex-Muslims. Tickets available here.

26 September 2019 — Winchester, UK | ‘The Good Delusion’
I will address Winchester Skeptics in September, delivering my talk, ‘The Good Delusion’. Information available here.

21 November 2019 — Tel Aviv, Israel | Machar Conference
Along with Genetically Modified Skeptic, Thomas Westbrooke, and others, I will be speaking at a conference in Israel this November. Information and tickets available here.

4-5 April 2020 — Brighton, UK | Anti-theist conference
This event will be attended by Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and others. Ticket information coming soon.